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Alix Angelis talks about her latest project as  "Samantha" in horror film IMAGINARY


Alix Angelis talks about ‘Imaginary’ and ‘This Is Me… Now’

“Striking a balance in my life where I get to consistently work on projects I find meaningful with people that feel like soulmates, being able to use my influence as a force for good, and having time to nurture my family and raise my kid to be gentle, curious and confident.” 

- Digital Journal (Full Interview)

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Variety: Alix Angelis and Jonathan Bennett star in first movie greenlit since Covid

A romance starring Bennett and Alix Angelis, designed to sell to an outlet such as Hallmark Channel or Lifetime — was among the first domestic productions to be approved by the actors’ union. - Variety


Fantastic Fest Review: Come Clean With THE CLEANSING HOUR

The most impressive player in The Cleansing Hour is Lane (Alix Angelis).


Birth Movies Death Alix Angelis Ryan Guzman The Cleansing Hour horror movie review fantastic fest exorcism possessed possession

Panic Fest 2020 Interview: Alix Angelis Of ‘The Cleansing Hour’

I think it’s an actor’s dream to play a part that allows you to play all over the court. When I read the script, I loved how far this character gets to go, and that she is a fighter.


Alix Angelis red carpet The Magnificent Seven The Cleansing Hour

The Cleansing Hour: Review

Alix Angelis delivers the most intense performance of the film.  Anyone that shares the screen with her should consider themselves lucky.

- Horror Society

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"The best performance in The Cleansing Hour though belongs to Alix Angelis...a commendable job switching between the innocent and strong Lane, and the evil and conniving entity within."

-The Hollywood News

Alix Angelis The Cleansing Hour horror movie possession possessed exorcism

Voyage LA: 
Meet Alix Angelis

"As far as the roles I have gotten to perform, I seem to play often on extreme ends of a spectrum."

- Voyage LA Magazine


The Cleansing Hour Review

"It’s Alix Angelis who steals the show, the actress going full tilt in a role any performer would cherish."

- ReelTalk


Glasgow FrightFest (2020): The Cleansing Hour

There’s a lot to like about The Cleansing Hour, (Alix Angelis, as Lane, is the stand out). -

Kyle Gallner Alix Angelis The Cleansing Hour horror movie horror movie review frightfest fright fest

Movie Review: The Cleansing Hour

“Alix Angelis is outstanding.”

- Horror Fuel


The Cleansing Hour Review

“Alix Angelis is great in this role”

- Heaven of Horror


 "It's an actor's dream to be able to play the lovely ingénue and become the monster, too, and then go back and forth between the two. It was a lot of fun to do." - Daily Dead


Alix Angelis talks Oscars possibilities for Jlo's "This is Me...Now" - TMZ

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Inspirational Women In Hollywood: How Actress Alix Angelis Is Helping To Shake Up The Entertainment Industry

"Diving into that fantasy allows you to express something you never would in real life, to break boundaries and be surprising even to yourself…" 

- Authority Magazine (Full Interview)


Deadline: Ezekiel Ajeigbe, Alix Angelis Set for Horror 'Do Not Watch' From Mass Producers

“The screenplay for Do Not Watch is one of the most interesting, compelling, and intricate structures in the horror and suspense space. The way the story seamlessly weaves between decades to build on the mythology created is masterful, said Janowitz” 
- Deadline (
Full Article)

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Review: ‘The Cleansing Hour’

“Angelis is the irrefutable superstar of the bunch…if she doesn’t become a horror icon down the line, that’ll be a great tragedy.”

- Bsides Badlands


“…the performance from Alix Angelis is sheer brilliance. The entirety of the film’s success is driven by her insane work.” - ReelNewsDaily


Fantastic Fest 2019: ‘The Cleansing Hour’ is Possession Horror Gold

But, the film’s true star is non-other than Alix Angelis who delivers a performance that stands out at the top of its kind. 




"Alix Angelis channels a demonic performance worthy of the almighty Evil Dead franchise." -

The Cleansing Hour poster Alix Angelis


Drew’s girlfriend (played by Alix Angelis) is the scariest thing here. I hope to see more of her in horror. -


[Panic Fest Review] THE CLEANSING HOUR

“Ya f*** with the bull, you’ll eventually get the horns,” grins demon-possessed Lane, played with glee and infectious enthusiasm by Alix Angelis.

- Nightmarish Conjurings


The Cleansing Hour Review: An Entertaining Social Media Exorcism

“The real star of this movie is Alix Angelis!” -  WatchorPass


“Alix Angelis deserves an award for her performance.”



Fantastic Fest 2019: Alix Angelis talks “The Cleansing Hour”

"How honest are you? What do you transform into, to be loved by the masses?’ Scary stuff." - Shuffle

Fantastic Fest The Cleansing Hour Alix Angelis film festival


“Angelis gives the standout performance…equal parts menacing and heartbreaking.” 

-Cultured Vultures

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