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"Photobooth" Music Video Nominated for International Independent Music Video Award (IIMVAs)

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

"Photobooth" directed by Alix Angelis for the song by recording artist, Kris Angelis has been nominated in the categories of Folk/Americana, Pop, and Best Overall. Fan VOTING is open July 15-21, 2020. VOTE HERE.

"Photobooth" can be selected in categories #3, #6, and #9 in the Voting Survey. <--- Vote Here. (One time only)

Video Credits:


Recording Artist/Songwriter: Kris Angelis

Produced by: Bill Lefler


Directed by: Alix Angelis


Kris Angelis

Camron Robertson

Produced by: Vincent Cardinale

DP Stop Motion: Matt Harbicht

DP Live Action: Tom Nguyen

Edited by: Alix Angelis and Kris Angelis

Lighting: Shiloh Strong

Party people - Sarah Drissi, Guillermo Parga, Emma Bell, Chase Bell, Vincent Cardinale, Eden West, Ian Casselberry, Jon Martin

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