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"Alix Angelis has directed an immersive masterpiece"

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

"My Quiet" Music Video REVIEW:

by: Music Is My Radar

"Back in September I fell in love with Kris Angelis’s new single My Quiet, this sparkling single was accompanied by a gentle vocal delivery and lyrics which packed an emotional punch.

A month later (17th October) Kris unveiled the official music video, I’ve viewed these visuals multiple times and I found it to be rather enchanting. First of all I must commend twin sister Alix Angelis, she has directed an immersive masterpiece. The same applies to Lee Holbrook for filming and producer Vincent Cardinale.

When I heard this succulent single for the first time it conveyed the message of wanting to connect with a loved one but the way back isn’t easy “I’m just trying to get back to you”. However just watching this short film made me see My Quiet in another light. What if the stumbling block in question is COVID 19 and Angelis’s artistic desire is a way to occupy the mind/ find inner peace?

Still My Quiet was a beautiful visual masterpiece which thoroughly invested me till the very end."

Music Video:

Directed by Alix Angelis

Cinematography by Lee Holbrook

Produced by Vincent Cardinale

Artwork by Wyoh Lee


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