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"My Quiet" Music Video Premiere - Americana UK

The music video for "My Quiet" premieres exclusively on Americana UK.

"The video, directed by Alix Angelis and featuring gorgeous artwork by Wyoh Lee [depicts the recording artist] as the calm in the centre of a swirling storm of creativity, surrounded by different versions of herself.  She explores the link between creation and memory in search of inner peace." - Americana UK

The recording artist, Kris Angelis, is on the GRAMMY ballot this year for Best Americana Album for "That Siren, Hope", as well as American Roots Song and Performance for "Ghost (I'm Alive and Breathing)"

VIDEO Credits:

Directed by Alix Angelis

Produced by Vincent Cardinale

Filmed by Lee Holbrook

Artwork by Wyoh Lee

SONG: "My Quiet"

Written and performed by Kris Angelis

Produced and engineered by Billy Lefler

Mixed by Andrew Oedel

Mastered by Hans DeKline

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